Galicia in Coronavirusland

PLEASE NOTE: This information is in the process of being permanently migrated to a more adequate website and may be removed from here in the near future.

Hearing the news about the disastrous COVID-19 situation in Spain, often, our friends living abroad feel concerned about us, Galicians.

We try to reassure them, of course, and, as and image is worth a thousand words, we have finally decided to create this humble site to put the situation in Galicia within a global perspective.

As we can see from the graphs above and below, things in this beautiful Shire of ours are not so bad as they are in other regions of the Middle-earth, let alone Mordor.

By popular demand, we have now added an interactive world map with the same kind of data (click on the image for an interactive map).

We are also working on a interactive map of European regions (click on the image for an interactive map). Would you like to help, please drop us a line through the Contact section.

We have purposefully decided to reduce our analysis to a single metric, deaths per million inhabitants. We are aware that it is a so called “lag metric” and there is bias there as well, both false positives and false negatives, but there is a lot less bias than in any other metric we could possibly conceive.

All this (data retrieval, formatting and plotting) is done automatically with a Python script (plus an auxiliary script for advanced plotting) that we have made available in GitHub.

Furthermore, the scripts, sample images (in PNG and SVG format), the raw inputs and the formatted output are available for download from Google Drive.

NOTE: This site (as well as the Google Drive and the maps) is set to receive unattended updates several times per day. If it looks like a mess, please, stay calm, most likely something has gone wrong with the automatic updates. We will fix it as soon as we can.